Membership Form

Terms and Conditions :
1.Any Male / Female who is above 18,not having any criminal record , interested in Aims-Objectives and not against of rules & regulation of the International Forum for Anti Corruption , including Govt,Employee,can be a member of the International Forum for Anti Condition.
2.If any member breaks the rules of the International Forum for Anti Corruption and absent in 3 constant meetings without any information,he/she would be suspended/terminated without any notice.
3.If any member/post holder caught during the wrong utilization of the post.power & authority or personality faulted in any illegal matter,it will not be related directly or indirectly to the International forum for Anti Corruption.Only that member/post holder will be responsible for this.
4.The National President & National General Secretary has the power to hold / reject the application form of any member if there is any doubt & fee is not refundable.

I here confirm the rules of membership & post form have been read by me or explained to me I have understood and agreed to the International Forum for Anti Corruption rules & regulation. I hereby declared the above information is true & correct. I promise that if any details of form , are wrong / Incorrect then reject my application form.

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