What is Right to Information?

By writing on a piece of paper we can seek any information from the Government, inspect any Government documents and seek certified photocopies thereof. And trust me, once you are RTI Activist they shall have to reply to you... Hon'ble Supreme Court said "People are the masters, therefore, the masters have a right to know how the government, meant to serve us, are functioning." Truely! Why not. Every one of us pay tax. Therefore, we also have a right to know how our money has being spent. RTI ACT 2005 only enables this process on how to apply for information, where to apply, how much fees etc to obtain the information from Government,

In democracy, the people of the country give an opportunity to rule their chosen person and expect that the government will fulfill its obligations with full sincerity and devotion. But in the long run, most of the nations have not forgotten their obligation to ignore the transparency and integrity of the fingers, and do not forget to sing a single chance to maintain the biggest record of corruption. To perform these acts of corruption, he did all the work that is anti-people and non-democratic. The governments forget that the people have chosen them and the public is the real owner of the country and as a boss, the public has the complete right to know that what government is doing, what is he doing.

Right to information is the Right to Information Act - These laws came into effect in our country in 2005. By which you can ask for information from the government and any department. Usually, people know this much. But today we are giving you some more interesting information about this.

You can ask any questions from the government - RTI - Right to Information - and get information.

  • >> You can check any government document from the RTI.
  • >> With RTI you can get a certified copy of the document.
  • >> With the RTI, you can sample the material used in government work.
  • >> You can inspect any work from RTI.
  • >> Which stream is our work in the RTI?

Legal provisions -

Section 6 (1) - Application for writing the application of RTI.
Section 6 (3) - If your application has gone to the wrong department. Then the Department will send it within 5 days of the correct department under section 6 (3).
Section 7 (5) - According to this section, no BPL card holders have to pay any RTI fee.
Section 7 (6) - According to this section, if RTI reply does not occur within 30 days then the information will be provided free of charge.
Section 18 - If no officer replies, then his complaint should be given to the information officer.
Section 8 - According to this, that information will not be given in the RTI which affects the country's integrity and safety or internal inquiry of the department.
Section 19 (1) - If your reply to RTI does not come in 30 days. According to this section you can make a first appeal to the First Appellate Authority.
Section 19 (3) If your first appeal is not answered then you can appeal to another appeal officer within 90 days with the help of this section.
Written like this,

you have to take a plain paper and leave the place in the corner of 1 inch and write your RTI in the format given below.

Application under section 6 (1) and 6 (3) of the Right to Information Act 2005 .

. In the service,
the post of Officer / Public Information Officer
Name of the Department ..............
Subject - Under RTI Act 2005 ... Notifications related to.

Write your questions here.
1 -..............................
2 -................ ...............
3 -..........................
4- .............................

I am submitting the number of postal order of Rs.20 as application fee ........ separately.
I can get BPL I am cardholder. Therefore, I am free from all dues. My BPL Card is ...............
If the information sought is not related to your department / office, taking notice of Section 6 (3) of the Right to Information Act, 2005, my application should be forwarded to the Public Information Officer within a period of five days. Along with the provisions of the Act, please provide the name and address of the first appeal officer while making the information available.


Name: ....................
Address: .....................
Phone no. .................
Signature ...................

After signing all these, please sign your sign.

- Now to give information from the Friends Center, you pay Rs 20 and give Rs 2 for a copy of a paper.
- Every state has an RTI fee difference which you can know.
- Share in public interest for public awareness.
- Use the services of RTI and bring the truth / corruption of corrupt people to the world.